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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthroughs

This is the index page for all of my Dark Cloud 2 Walkthroughs. Every guide for Dark Cloud 2 I have written can be found here. If by chance you're here looking for the Dark Cloud 1 guides then head over there instead. I have four categories of guides for this game, most of which cover the sidequests of the game. Almost every side quest and side activity is covered in detail except for Fishing as I didn't get too involved in that.

The photography guide you find on this website will arguably be the most informative and user friendly one on the net. I really put a lot of time and effort into making it perfect. Following that the Medals guide is quite useful for those who are new to the game and looking for ideas on how to acquire the bonus medals in each dungeon. The Monster Transformation guide would also be a great one for noobies! Filling in most of the blanks about Monster Transformation and talking about their evolutions.

Dark Cloud 2 Photography Guides
- Guide to Scoops!
- A list of all missable photos!
- A list of all the Inventions & where to find the Ideas to make them

Dark Cloud 2 Medals Guide

Dark Cloud 2 Monster Transformation Guide

These 3 guides should do well in answering most of the questions you have about Dark Cloud 2. I very strongly urge all players to keep the Missable Photographs guide open/available to you at all times while playing the game. It really bites missing a photograph and finding out it was used for a cool invention later in the game.

Finally there's one more guide category that I am really excited to talk about and it's one that'll be useful for advanced users and those over half way through the game. This guide is the Weapon Customization/Build Up guide! Unlike Dark Cloud 1 more goes into upgrading and building up weapons than just filling out the stats. Some weapons require you to hunt down and kill specific monsters in order to upgrade them.

That's what my Weapon Customization guide is for! As well as giving you some tips and tricks on how to make a great weapon in the game I also cover every single mob there is that's required to level up a weapon and where to find them!

Dark Cloud 2 Weapon Customization/Leveling Up


Dark Cloud 2 CodeBreaker Codes

Dark Cloud 2 Gameshark Codes



That's all for my Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Guides! Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!