Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Guides and Walkthroughs

Popuri's Birthday: Summer 3rd or Summer 10th
Easy Affection: Pink Cat Flower, Spa-Boiled Egg

Popuri and her family run the Poultry Farm just down the road from your farm. Her mother is Lillia, who has an illness that's never specified and her father, Basil, is a nomad who is roaming around the world looking for a cure for Lillia. Out of all five courtable ladies in Back to Nature, Popuri is the most childish and immature of them all; she's prone to extreme mood swings and if you want her to like you - you should tell her everything she wants to hear.

If you choose to pursue Popuri as a love interest you'll find Kai as your rival. Kai is only in Mineral Town during the Summer which doesn't give him much time to court or defend Popuri from you if you choose to make advances on her.


Heart Levels

Below are all of the different Heart Levels you'll go through in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Each time you increase your Heart Level with a girl you'll be able to witness a unique event between you and her if you show up at the right place and at the right time. These events usually give you some text options when they occur, answering right will increase your Affection with her, answering wrong will lower it. Try telling the girl what she wants to hear.

Black (0 - 4999 Affection)
Purple (5000 - 19999 Affection)
Blue (20000 - 29999 Affection)
Green (30000 - 39999 Affection)
Yellow (40000 - 49999 Affection)
Orange (50000 - 59999 Affection)
Red (60000 - 65535 Affection)


Tips for courting your Girl

- Talk to the girls at Festivals during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for a lot of +Affection! This works for regular villagers too!

- You can give a girl multiple gifts each day to raise her heart level rapidly.

- You can wrap gifts at the Supermarket and give them to Girls for bonus Affection points.

- Marry the girl you want before year 3 otherwise your Rival can steal her away from you! You also have to watch all the Rival heart events or they won't be able to marry too.

- Giving a girl a present on their birthday will give you a huge +Affection boost!


Popuri's Schedule (Everyday Except Sunday)

6am - 7am At the Poultry Farm
7:45am - 10am At the Hot Springs (Unless raining then she stays home)
10:45am - 12am At the Poultry Farm


Popuri's Schedule (Sunday)

6am - 9am At the Poultry Farm
9:30am - 1pm At the Church
1:30pm - 5:30pm At Town Square
6pm - 12am At the Poultry Farm


Popuri Loves These Gifts

Apple Jam

Apple Pie

Boiled Egg


Chocolate Cake

Fruit Juice


Hot Milk

Ice Cream



Pink Cat Flower

Relaxation Tea

Rice Omelet


Scrambled Eggs

Spa-Boiled Egg

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Milk

Toy Flower