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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Guides and Walkthroughs




Dog Race Festival

Winter 10th
10am - 2:50pm
At Town Square

+5 Affection with any Villager you speak to
+500 Affection with any courtable Girl you speak to

(If you win) +20 Affection with all attending Villagers
(If you win) +500 Affection with all attending courtable Girls

If you would like to enter your dog into this Festival you're able to, the higher your dog's intelligence the better his odds of winning the race. You can increase your dog's intelligence by throwing the ball for him once a day. Each time you toss the ball for him it raises his intelligence by I think 2 and it caps at 255. As far as I am aware it doesn't decrease in time.

Of course if you don't feel like entering your dog into the Festival you can take that route too and just be a spectator.


Winter Thanksgiving

Winter 14th
6am, 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm
Show up at Farm

Any of the courtable ladies that you have at least a purple heart with will show up to your farm throughout the day and give you Chocolate. Depending on your Affection level with them determines the type of Chocolate that you receive.

Purple & Blue: Chocolate
Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink: Chocolate Cake


Star Night Festival

Winter 24th
6pm - 7:50pm
Location depends on the girl

The day before the Festival talk to any of the courtable girls in the game, if you have a high enough Affection level she will ask you to have dinner with her and her family. This dinner has absolutely no effect on any Affection levels for the girls. If you're married the dinner will take place at your house with your wives family.


New Years Eve Festival

Winter 30th
12am - 4:50pm
Top of Mother's Hill

+5 Affection with any Villager you speak to
+500 Affection with any courtable Girl you speak to

If it weren't already obvious what this Festival is for, you watch the sunrise with all of the other villagers at the top of Mother's Hill. Speak with all of the villagers here for affection boosts that's really all there is to this Festival.