Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Guides and Walkthroughs

Karen's Birthday: Fall 15th or Fall 22nd
Easy Affection: Wine

Karen is the daughter of Jeff, the guy who runs the Supermarket in town and one of the 5 eligible girls for you to marry. In my opinion she is the prettiest set of of pixels there is in the game and she is typically the girl whom I court in every Harvest Moon game (love the blonde highlights).

There's only 6 items that Karen 'loves', 5 of them are recipes you must cook up and the last one is luckily Wine which is he easiest way to court Karen. Wine is sold at the Winery just down the street from your farm and you can purchase a full inventory then head over to Karen and give her all of it if you really want to power level her affection for you. You'll find Karen at the Supermarket every day but Tuesday until 10:30am, she'll either be inside or sitting outside on the park bench depending on what time you arrive here.


Heart Levels

Below are all of the different heart levels you'll go through in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Each time you increase your heart level with a girl you'll be able to witness a unique event between you and her if you show up at the right place and at the right time. These events usually give you some text options when they occur, answering right will increase your affection with her, answering wrong will lower it. Try telling the girl what she wants to hear.

Black (0 - 4999 Affection)
Purple (5000 - 19999 Affection)
Blue (20000 - 29999 Affection)
Green (30000 - 39999 Affection)
Yellow (40000 - 49999 Affection)
Orange (50000 - 59999 Affection)
Red (60000 - 65535 Affection)


Tips for courting your Girl

- Talk to the girls at Festivals during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for a lot of +Affection! This works for regular villagers too!

- You can give a girl multiple gifts each day to raise her heart level rapidly.

- You can wrap gifts at the Supermarket and give them to girls for bonus Affection points.

- Marry the girl you want before year 3 otherwise your rival can steal her away from you! You also have to watch all the rival heart events or they won't be able to marry too.

- Giving a girl a present on their birthday will give you a huge +Affection boost!


Karen's Schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

6am - 8am Inside the Supermarket
8am - 10:30am Outside Supermarket on Bench (if raining she stays inside the Supermarket)
10:30am - 1pm (Unavailable) Inside the Supermarket's other room
1pm - 4pm Inside the Supermarket
4pm - 7pm (Unavailable) Inside the Supermarket's other room
7:30pm - 10pm At the beach (If raining she is unreachable)


Karen's Schedule (Tuesday)

8am - 10:30am Outside the Supermarket on Bench (if raining she stays inside the Supermarket and is unreachable)
2pm - 4pm At the Hot Springs (At Gotz's house if it's raining)
7:30pm - 10pm At the Inn

The rest of the time she spends at the Supermarket but is unreachable since it's closed on Tuesday


Karen's Schedule (Sunday)

6 - 7pm Inside the Supermarket
7:30pm - 10pm At the Inn



Karen Loves These Gifts

First Gift of day: +500 Affection Points
Additional Gifts: +300 Affection Points
If Gift Wrapped: Always +500 Affection Points








Karen Likes These Gifts

Blue Magic Red Flower



Cheese Fondue





Gold Egg

Green Pepper


Happy Eggplant



Miso Soup

Moondrop FlowerMoondrop Flower

Orange Cup Fruit

Pickled Turnips


Pink Cat FlowerPink Cat Flower



Red Magic Red Flower


Scrambled Eggs

Spa-Boiled EggSpa-Boiled Egg


Stir Fry

Sweet Potato

Toy Flower