Ultimate Weapons (Junk Sidequest)

Wayne Junk

One of the main side quests in Parasite Eve to get a good weapon involves Junk. That's right, that item which clogs up your inventory and prevents you from picking up useful stuff all the time. You'll need to bring a total of 300 pieces of Junk to Wayne, the man found in the Police Station Armory (shown in the screenshot above).

After you bring him 300 pieces of Junk he'll offer to craft you one of any gun type - each of them are some of the best possible guns you can get of that type. I'll get to the rewards later, first up let's go over the best ways to farm Junk.

Police Station Junk Farming

When it comes to farming Junk, I have found two spots that are good - the first of which is during Day 3 when the Police Station is under attack. You can run throughout the entire Police Station and fight enemies, collect Junk and then drop it off at Wayne. If you do it any other way you're going to be traveling to and from the Police Station by car and that adds in multiple loading screens and extra time.

The Police Station also offers you the benefit of not having to run very far from room to room looking for encounters. There's one other way that you can speed up this entire process too and that's by getting your hands on Club 2 from the Guns and Ammo shop in Soho during the beginning of Day 3. This Club comes with Steal on it which can be used against the bird enemies to steal Junk!

Club 2 With Steal Effect

There's two more locations for you to farm Junk at as well; the Museum during Day 5 when you have a much bigger inventory space & are getting more EXP per fight than now is one of the better locations... Then of course, you can also wait to farm Junk until you're in the Chrysler building during your EX game, as many others do.

Wayne will remember how much Junk you hand him after each play through, which means you could collect 200 Junk during your first play through and then only need to collect 100 during your EX game. Realistically I don't expect anyone to sit down and do nothing but straight farm Junk for 4hrs +. I typically stop for an hour or two here and there throughout the game (during the Police Station Day 3) and make trips when it's not a major inconvenience back to the Police Station to give the Junk to Wayne. Do this then farm up the rest of the Junk you need once you make it to the Chrysler Building/in the Museum.

If you clear floors 1 - 10 and beat the spider boss in the Chrysler Building you won't be able to farm Junk on those floors anymore. If you don't need EXP and just want to farm Junk, the Museum won't be good for you. And if you've already passed Day 3, it rules out the Police Station. So - what's left? Central Park has a great location for farming junk too! If all you care about is farming Junk and not getting EXP too or clearing the Chrysler Building - check that location out!