All Training Regimens & Schedules - Monster Rancher 1

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When it comes to raising a powerful monster in Monster Rancher the most important thing is having a good training regimen that allows you to maximize each month. Typically your training regimen will be determined by how much money you have to spend - for your first monster you won't be able to afford many items which means you'll have to stick with something basic.

As you start making more money you'll want to start purchasing items that you use weekly while training your monsters. Taffy and Mint Leaves are the things you'll probably be using the most often, Taffy reduces your Fatigue and the Mint Leaves reduce your Stress. Using these items alleviates your need to Rest which means you'll get an extra week of Work for each week. Check out my Fatigue and Stress Guide if you want to know more about these hidden stats and what they do.

There are other items you can use too such as Mangos but they're typically only used in the budget training methods. Regardless of your budget you should always give your monster Meat every single week because Meat extends their Lifespan by 1 week and keeping your monster alive for as long as possible is insanely important. For more information about all of the items in this game and what they do check out my Item Uses Guide.

Now that we got all of that information out of the way, let's take a look at the various training regimens that you can do in this game.


Note: All of these schedules assume you have no house upgrades and no passive items. Many of these schedules over use Mint Leaf because they are monthly schedules only, if you want to save money my advice to you is to learn what each item does, developing your own schedule is easy.


Start of Game (300g):

Week 1 (Light): Meat

Week 2 (Light): Nothing

Week 3 (Light): Nothing

Week 4: Rest


Money Saver (500g):

Week 1 (Heavy): Meat

Week 2 (Light): Nothing

Week 3 (Light): Taffy

Week 4: Rest


All Light Work (850g):

Week 1: Meat + Taffy

Week 2: Mango

Week 3: Mango

Week 4: Mint + Mango


Light & Heavy (950g):

Week 1 (Heavy): Meat + Taffy

Week 2 (Light): Nothing

Week 3 (Heavy): Taffy

Week 4 (Light): Mint + Mango


Mostly Heavy Work (1100g):

Week 1 (Heavy): Meat + Taffy

Week 2 (Heavy): Taffy

Week 3 (Light): Mint

Week 4 (Heavy): Taffy


All Heavy Work (1300g):

Week 1: Meat + Taffy

Week 2: Taffy

Week 3: Taffy

Week 4: Mint + Taffy


Usually for the first year or two of my monster's life I focus entirely on Heavy Work since that gives the most stat boosts and there is always a Heavy Work that a monster can use. Depending on the monster and what stat I want to increase I may alternate between Light and Heavy afterwards since there aren't enough Heavy Works in the first game to cover all the stats.

Out of all the regimens I listed above my two favorite are "All Heavy Work" and "All Light Work", those 2 are the ones I find myself doing most often.


Late Game Tips:

- It's not required to do Mint Leaf at all if you feed Meat once a week and only do Light Work. Meat is -10 Stress and the 2nd house upgrade is -2 Stress a Week. Even running constant Heavy Work it'll take months to stress your monster out.

- One thing I like to do to save time is instead of using Mangos each week when I am running only Light Work over and over is to use Taffy every other week. Each time your monster says "seems well" use a Taffy.