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The Robbery Side Quest - Mega Man Legends

The Robbery Quest Start

The Robbery Side Quest can be started after defeating Bruno, the penultimate boss of this game. You will also need to have fully repaired the Police Station, Bank and Library before you're able to begin this Side Quest. For more information about how to repair the town I recommend you check out my Repair Town Side Quest Guide.

In order to start this quest you will need to watch the TV in the Flutter airship. You can find the TV in the main room of the Flutter (pictured above), it's the same room that the Professor is always walking around in. On the TV you'll see a news cast about some robbers who stole money from the bank and are currently being chased around the Downtown area.

Whenever you next visit Downtown you'll get a brief scene of a red car being chased by a cop car. As you can tell these robbers aren't doing a very good job escaping with the money considering they keep driving around in circles. Your goal is to chase after this red car and repeatedly shoot it with your buster until eventually the car blows up and drops a suitcase on the ground (pictured below).

Tip: You can cheese this part of the quest by letting the red car hit you so that you land ontop of it - then you can keep shooting at it while riding around ontop of it.

The Robbery Red Car ChaseTrunk full of Money

Once you pick up the trunk of money you have two options, you can choose to give it to the Inspector or you can leave town with it and keep all of the money. Giving it to the Inspector will get you 20,000 Zenny as a reward and you'll get "good" points which makes Mega Man stay a lighter color. Keeping the trunk of money will earn you 200,000 Zenny and some "bad" points which may result in Mega Man becoming a darker color.

It's up to you which path you'd like to take - either way once you choose the quest is complete.