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Repair Town Side Quest - Mega Man Legends

Repair Town Side Quest

One of the more important Side Quests in this game begins by speaking with Mayor Amelia in City Hall. I think you can start this quest after obtaining the Class B License but I would recommend you wait until after you've obtained the Class A License since it's more practical to do this quest then.

Essentially all this quest is for is repairing the damage done to the town during the initial pirate attacks at the start of the game. When you talk to Mayor Amelia you will get a list (shown above) that details how much it will cost to repair the damaged buildings throughout the town. The amount of Zenny this will cost you changes depending on how many buildings were destroyed or damaged during the attack on the town.

The purpose of repairing this town is twofold, the first reason to do it is because some buildings are required to unlock certain Side Quests. For this reason I would recommend you do this quest first before doing any of the other ones. Our second reason for repairing the town is it will raise your reputation with the island inhabitants and move you away from being dark Mega Man. Dark Mega Man is what happens when you act immorally, the more things you do wrong the darker Mega Man will get in color.

Destroyed Buildings In Town

I recommend you repair the Bank, Library and Police Building first as they're the most important buildings in town. Residential Houses will likely be the most costly buildings to repair and should be saved for last. If you need help earning money to repair these buildings I recommend you do whichever KTOX Mini Game you find easiest or farm any of the money making locations that I talk about in my Mega Man Legends Money Making Guide.

Once you repair all of the buildings in town this unmarked quest is officially complete. Don't expect any fanfare or reward for repairing everything - you don't even get any unique dialogue for finishing all the repairs.