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Quistis Save the Queen

Save the Queen is Quistis's Ultimate Weapon in Final Fantasy 8 and in order to make it you'll need four different items. Unlike many of the other games in the series, there is no fancy quest or even location to find this weapon. Throughout Final Fantasy 8 there are Junk Shops and at these shops you can trade items to them in order to receive an upgraded weapon.


Required Items for Save the Queen:

2 Malboro Tentacles

4 Sharp Spike

2 Star Fragment

4 Energy Crystals



Malboro Tentacles: Card Mod Malboro Cards or hunt Malboro enemies in the Grandidi Forest or on the Island Closest to Heaven or Island Closest to Hell.

Sharp Spike: Card Mod Grand Mantis or Death Claw Cards to get this item... Alternatively you could also hunt Grand Mantis or Death Claw enemies. Both of these enemies can be found on the Centra Continent (map below).

Star Fragment: Dropped by Anacondaur enemies (lower levels) as well as enemies on Island Closest to Hell (higher levels). Iron Giant enemies also drop these, you can find them in the Deep Sea Research Center Fixed Encounters. You can also Card Mod Iron Giant cards for Star Fragments as well.

Energy Crystals: This item is most easily farmed from Elynoyle enemies or Card Moded from Elynoyle Cards. The easiest source of Elynoyle enemies is the Elynoyle Fixed Encounters in Esthar.... but this is unavailable until later during Disc 3.



Quistis Ultimate Weapon Materials Map



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