MiniMog Card - FF8 Guide

Kid with MiniMog Card

Location: Balamb Garden
Region: Balamb
NPC: Kid running around the circle
Card Mod: 100 Pet House
First Available: Disc 1

The MiniMog Card can be acquired very early on during Disc 1, shortly after you acquire the Ifrit Card. This is also the first card that's used in the Queen of Cards Side Quest so it's highly recommended that you do not Card Mod it.

Once you lose the MiniMog Card to the Queen of Cards you can get it back by playing the kid in Dollet who is involved in the Dollet Artist's Quest. Apparently this is her son or little brother or something. Every rare card lost to the Queen of Cards can be won again by playing this kid.

Dollet Artist Cards
MiniMog Card Mod

You can Card Mod the MiniMog Card into 100 Pet House items which when used will fully restore HP to all of your GFs. You can use GFRecov Med-RF on the Pet House item too and further refine it into a G-Returner Item which will ressurect a defeated GF.

As a playing card the Mini Mog isn't really worth using but as you can see the Card Mods for it aren't all that great either. The choice is yours on what you'd like to do.





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