Chubby Chocobo Card - FF8 Guide

Chubby Chocobo Card Holder

Location: Balamb Garden
Region: Balamb
NPC: SeeD on bench near entrance
Card Mod: 100 LuvLuv G
First Available: Disc 2

The Chubby Chocobo Card is the third card reward in the Queen of Cards Side Quest. Unless you lose the Chicobo Card to the Queen of Cards you won't be able to win the Chubby Chocobo Card from the kid in the screenshot above. To get the Chicobo Card you'll have to complete the Chocobo Forest Side Quest.

Unlike all of the other Rare Cards, you can't win the Chubby Chocobo Card from any of the Card Club Group onboard the Ragnarok during Disc 4. Every card that's a reward in the Queen of Cards Side Quest is unique and can't be acquired any other way.

Chubby Chocobo LuvLuv G Card Mod

You can Card Mod the Chubby Chocobo Card into 100 LuvLuv G items which increase a character's compatibility with all GFs by 20. Raising your compatibility with a GF will decrease the amount of time it takes to summon it during battle.

If you like to summon GFs during battle then this item will be good to use on Squall or whichever other character is a constant part of your primary team.




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