Laguna Card - FF8 Guide

Ellone Laguna Card

Location: Lunar Base
Region: Lunar
NPC: Ellone
Card Mod: 100 Heroes
First Available: Disc 3

The Laguna Card can be won from Ellone while she is on the Lunar Base during Disc 3. Aside from playing the Card Club group during Disc 4, this is the only opportunity you will have of acquiring the Laguna Card. Once you've completed the Lunar Base you won't be able to obtain it until the CC Group.

For this card as well as any other card that you have to win with the "Direct" Trade Rule, the best advice I can give to you is use a set of Level 5 monster cards with maybe one or two Level 7 Boss Cards. This way incase you win the card you're after but still lose some cards in the process, what you lost isn't irreplaceable. This will save you many resets in the long run.

Laguna Heroes Card Mod

You can Card Mod the Laguna Card into 100 Hero items which grand invulnerability to a single group member during battle. Compared to most of the other Card Mods this one is almost worthless. Each Hero sells for 5000 Gil but that doesn't really matter since we can do the Unlimited Gil trick with the Esthar Shops.

The only real usefulness you can get out of this Card Mod is by using Alexander's Med LV Up Ability on Hero to turn it into Holy War-trial. Then using Med LV Up again on the Holy War-trial to turn it into a Holy War item. This will cost you all 100 Heros for just a single Holy War item. Holy War can be turned into 5 Knight's Code which you can then turn into 5 Vit Up using Forbid Med-RF. So much work for such little reward.

Best Refinement Path:

(Med LV Up) 100 Heroes into 10 Holy War-trial

(Med LV Up) 10 Holy War-trial into 1 Holy War

(GFAbl Med-RF) 1 Holy War into 5 Knight's Code

(Forbid Med-RF) 5 Knight's Code into 5 Vit Up




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