Unlimited Gil & Esthar Item Refinements - FF8 Guide

Esthar Shopw ith Call Shop

Once you reach Esthar you'll be able to do one of the most well known Item Refinements to basically get unlimited Gil. It works even better if you have the Tonberry GF with the Call Shop ability since you can do this almost anytime.

Here's how the Unlimited Money Trick is done:

1. Buy 100 Tent or Cottages from the Esthar Shop!!!
2. Use Recovery Med-RF on the Tents and Cottages to turn them into 75 Mega-Potions
3. Sell all Mega-Potions

With the Sell-High Ability (also Tonberry GF) you'll get a total of 562,000 Gil for selling the Mega-Potions. With Haggle (another Tonberry GF Ability) the Tents and Cottages only cost a total of 210,000 Gil which makes your profits a total of 352,500 Gil each time you do this.

For those of you interested, here is a video of me doing the money trick for Unlimited Gil. If you learn better through videos or just want to see an example of the process, watch that for more information.

Esthar Pet Shop

Most of the item refinements that are currently available are probably stuff you already have. If you played a lot of Triple Triad earlier in the game you most likely have all the Aura you need, if not you can use the Unlimited Gil trick and max out on it right now. You can also fix all future group healing problems by making as many Megalixirs as you want right now too.

Hypno Crown: Tool-RF into 10 Aura Stones which you can use Supt Mag-RF on to turn into Aura

Giant's Ring: Supt Mag-RF to turn into 60 Protect

Force Armlet: Supt Mag-RF to turn into 30 Shell

10 Elixirs: Med LV Up to turn into 1 Megalixir