Shumi Village Side Quest - FF8 Walkthrough

Shumi Village Map Location

You can visit Shumi Village any time after the Balamb Garden becomes mobile during Disc 2. It's a small village located on the northern most small island that's covered in snow. Without ever visiting this place I had the location marked on my map - you may too but if not check above for a map of where this village is.

The first thing you will notice after ariving in Shumi Village is the Ultima Draw Point to the left when entering (pictured below). It's protected by three Shumis and you have to pay 5000 Gil to draw from it - but if you don't have Ultima it's highly worth it to do this.

Ultima Draw Point Shumi Village

After arriving in Shumi Village you'll have to complete a series of running around and talking to NPCs in order to begin the quest that we're here for. Keep going left on every screen until you're lead inside one of the buildings in the back of town. Travel to the back of this building for a scene with the Sculptor here.

He sends you to speak with the Elder who is right two screens, the house with the Moomba outside of it. Speak with the Elder and then return to the Sculptor and tell him "Alright" when he proposes you collect some stones for him (pictured below).

Shumi Village Sculptor

The color and location of each stone is listed below, if you need help finding a specific one use the pictures below too. Each stone can be found within Shumi Village so finding all of them shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Blue Stone: Just left of the Laguna statue you will find the blue stones

Wind Stone: Near the table at the entrance of Shumi Village (first room when you come down elevator)

Life Stone: Examine the roots near the Elder's House

Shadow Stone: Check the dark areas near the stairs to the elevator on the same screen with Ultima Draw Point

Water Stone: When running past the rock in the pond with a frog ontop Squall will make a comment. Stop and press X when he does then return to the Sculptor

Funny enough, the Water Stone we just brought to him wasn't actually the stone he wanted. Instead you will want to go into the Artisan's house next door and collect the Water Stone from the Kitchen (pictured below). Note: Grabbing the Timber Maniacs Magazine inside of this house will cause Ward not to appear during the first dream segment on Disc 3 with Laguna. This will make the battle with Laguna slightly more difficult.

Wind Stone Location
Wind Stone Location.


Life Stone Location
Life Stone Location.


Shadow Stone Location
Shadow Stone Location.


Water Stone Location
Water Stone Location.

Once you're done collecting all of the stones you're going to want to return to the Sculptor who then tells you to go over to the Elder's house. The Elder will tease you but when you go to leave his house the assistant will give you a Phoenix Pinion for your time.

The Phoenix Pinion is an item that you can use in battle which will summon Phoenix. Once this item is used there will be a 25% chance in the future that if your entire party dies Phoenix appears to revive everyone with 12% of their health. You can also refine this item into another item then refine those items into magic of course as well. There is more than one Phoenix Pinion in the game.

To begin the second half of the Shumi village side quest you're going to want to completely leave the village (go out to the World Map) then enter it again.

1. Talk to the Attendant near the Laguna Statue
2. Speak with the Elder
3. Talk to the Moomba outside the Elder's House
4. Return to the Sculptor's House
5. Speak to everyone near the statue
6. Talk to the Elder again
7. Return to the statue and speak with the attendant
8. Go over to the artisan's house and talk to him until he gives no new dialogue
9. Speak with the Elder
10. Go to Fisherman's Horizon and speak with the Grease Monkey there

If you've forgotten where the Grease Monkey is in Fisherman's Horizon, he's at the northern end of the village near where you fought BGH251F2. Use my screenshot below for any additional guidance if you need it. All you need to do is walk in and speak with him to get the Moomba to join you.

Return to Shumi Village and enter the Artisan's house. The Moomba will run out and there will be a brief scene. When you exit the Artisan's House (if you did the Master Fisherman's Side Quest earlier) the Master Fisherman guy will be standing here and there will be another scene with him.

Grease Monkeys HouseMoomba Doll In Artisans House
Status Guard Received

Either way, when you're done return to the Elder for your final reward from Shumi Village, Status Guard. This item will teach ST-Def-Jx4 to one of your GFs. There's only two GFs in the entire game that learn this ability naturally, Cerberus and Doomtrain.

Due to this, I would recommend using it on Siren or Carbuncle. Many of the builds I use as well as the ones other highly rated guides like the one on gamefaqs recommend always pair Siren and Carbuncle separately from Doomtrain and Cerberus. If you mess up you get another Status Guard item later in the game from Tiamat so don't sweat it.


Until the end of Disc 3 you will want to visit Shumi Village as many times as possible to use the Ultima Draw Point. If you need extra Gil I recommend doing some SeeD Tests, they'll raise your SeeD rank and increase how much you earn. Stock up 100 Ultimas on all 3 of your main team members as it's the best magic to Junction to your main stat.



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