Start of Disc 4 (Lunatic Pandora Second Half & Adel Fight) - FF8 Guide

At the top of every page of my Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough I will have a list of the most important GF Abilities for you to learn as well as my personal preference for who to junction GFs to for this part of the story. The game's auto order for GFs learning abilities is extremely terrible so it's strongly recommended you interfere and do the abilities in the order I provide here.

Throughout the game you can also refine Cards into Items and then those Items into magic. I've provided a list of the refinements that you can do for the cards that you will most likely have in your possession at this time during the story below as well. This same information will be provided at the top of every page during the full walkthrough, keep checking it as it'll change as the story progresses.


GF Abilities to Learn:

Cactuar: Luck-J, Eva-J, Defend, Luck+50%, Auto-Potion, Kamikaze, Eva+30%

Bahamut: Boost, Mug, Auto-Protect, Rare Item

Eden: GFAbl Med-RF, Boost, Luck+50%, Expendx3-1, Mad Rush, Darkside, SumMag+% Abilities


GF Junctioning:

Squall: Siren, Brothers, Carbuncle, Leviathan, Tonberry, Eden

Zell: Shiva, Diablos, Pandemona, Doomtrain, Bahamut

Irvine: Ifrit, Quezacotl, Cerberus, Alexander, Cactuar
(Or whomever you choose as your party; junction them as you see above)



Lunatic Pandora Crane

After defeating Seifer you'll be prompted to save your game and if Rinoa was in your party, reform your party. Once that's out of the way return to the same room where you fought the Mobile Type 8 and board the crane on the right side of the screen (as pictured above).

You can run up the entire crane to the top portion of this area then follow it off the screen to the right. It won't be long until you encounter yet another boss, Adel + Rinoa. This boss can be quite a pain if you're not prepared for it.

Junction Tips: Equip Mug and equip Holy and Earth to Elem-Def

Adel Boss Fight

Basically, if Rinoa dies it's an immediate Game Over. This means you'll want to avoid AoE attacks such GFs or Limit Breaks. Also you should Draw-cast Regen on Rinoa at the start of the battle since the boss likes to sap HP from her periodically too.

Adel uses mostly high level spells, Meteor, Quake, Flare and Holy. You can cut her damage down significantly by using Shell if you're having trouble with how much damage she puts out. Be sure to try and Mug Adel's Samantha Soul during this battle too - she has no drops so if you don't Mug her you get nothing.

There will be a bunch of scenes after this battle, after which you'll find yourself in the same room you first met Edea in at Deling City with a Save Point. When you approach the Save Point a bunch more fake ones will spawn in this room - you can ignore all of them and exit through the door in the back of the room.

Save Point in Edeas RoomSorcerer Enemies

You will be thrown into battle against multiple "Sorceress" enemies in the next room, the first of the fights aren't that difficult - they don't even have over 10,000 HP... However as the event goes on you'll fight harder and harder enemies. None of them really stand much of a chance against you until the final one.

The last Sorceress of the bunch you fight in the Fire Cavern and she uses Ultima - but is nice enough to give you a countdown before it's used so you can keep yourself healed. Aside from the Ultima attack she will counter all incoming damage with a "Creepy Hands" attack that hits for about 1k.

Once you've defeated all of the Sorceress enemies you'll find yourself at Edea's House/the orphanage. Go through the doorway on the right hand side then out into the backyard to the beach area (the same area Edea was for most of Disc 3). There will be a scene here after which you will want to run past the bodies and go down towards where the beach used to be.

Instead this will lead you past a Triple Draw Point and to large chains which lead up to Ultimecia Castle. Along the chains you'll find three different portals - these will lead you out to the World Map. You have two options right now, you can head up into Ultimecia Castle and complete the dungeon or head out to the World Map and get the Ragnarok back.

Portals to World Map

If you don't have the Eden GF it's recommended you complete Ultimecia Castle first since you'll get Eden from there. This way you can make use of Eden's Abilities and also get him the AP he needs while doing any of the other activities you had planned.



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