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Tonberry King GF - FF8 Guide

Centra Ruins Location

The Tonberry King GF is an optional GF which you can acquire any time after you gain control of Balamb Garden during Disc 2. You can find it by visiting Centra Ruins, which houses this GF on the southern most continent (use my screenshot below for additional guidance).

In addition to the Tonberry King GF coming from this dungeon, you can also obtain the Odin GF from here too. Odin doesn't function as an actual GF and I also don't recommend you grab him before Disc 4 since if you do he will be replaced with Gilgamesh.

For more information on obtaining Odin and why you shoul wait head over to the Centra Ruins Side Quest page.

Centra Ruins Map Location

When you enter the Centra Ruins the first thing you will notice is a 20:00 minute timer. This is part of the Odin quest and you can ignore it almost completely for what we're doing. Basically when the timer runs out you will be removed from the dungeon, but you can jump back inside and pick up where we left off with no worries while doing the Tonberry King GF quest.

To obtain the Tonberry King GF what you're going to want to do is defeat around 20 Tonberry enemies in Centra Ruins. The exact number is random but it's between 18 and 24. Each of the Tonberry enemies have about 20,000 HP so defeating them isn't going to be easy if you don't have good Junctions.

Additionally, Tonberries have two moves that really hurt. The first of which is called Everyone's Grudge. It deals more damage for every monster that specific character has defeated. For this reason, I recommend you bring your most unused characters here... Everyone's Grudge hits my Squall for about 2800 damage but my Irvine for 40.

Most of the time Everyone's Grudge is used in retaliation of a regular melee attack, so if you're smart about things you can almost avoid it hitting you altogether. That leaves Tonberry's other attack...

Tonberry Battle

The second move that is deadly to everyone is Tonberry's dreaded poke. Anyone who has played the other Final Fantasy games probably recognizes both of these abilities. Basically during the battle the Tonberry walks around the battlefield slowly and sometimes he will walk up to a character and stab them, instantly defeating them.

When you've defeated enough Tonberry enemies for the Tonberry King to appear, he enters battle with you immediately without ending the previous one. For this reason I would recommend you save either the first or second time you get ejected from Centra Ruins by Odin.

Tonberry King Battle

If you're doing this dungeon at a higher level and the Tonberry King is level 30+ then you'll definitely want to Draw Full-Life from him. This is the easiest method of acquiring this spell until late during Disc 3. As for the Tonberry King's attacks, he often counters with the Junk ability that deals random damage to your whole group.

His version of Everyone's Grudge is called "Sharp!" and it deals much more damage than Everyone's Grudge does. When defeated the Tonberry King drops the Royal Crown which will teach a GF the Mag+60% ability.



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