Sector 6 & Wall Market (Part 2) - FF7 Walkthrough

Sense Materia Received

There'll be a story scene when you land in Sector 6 after which you'll want to back track to this location and grab the Sense Materia. Our next destination is Aeris's house which is south and then east of where we are right now.

Back at Aeris's house there will be another story scene during which your party decides to raid the Shinra Building. Next stop is Wall Market again! Back track the entire way we just ran. Thankfully there isn't that much to do here this time - we'll be in and out.

Purchase Batteries

Inside Wall Market the Materia Shop is now open and selling the usual goods as well as a new Cover Materia. Other than that you'll want to swing by the Weapon Shop (northern part of Wall Market) and speak to the older guy inside who isn't the store owner. He has some Batteries for sale which we need to reach the Shinra Building.

Leave the Weapon Shop and go north like you were going to Don Corneo's Mansion but instead follow the kids to the right. There is a huge wire that is hanging in this area now that Sector 7 is trashed, giving you the perfect route up to the Shinra Building.

Location to place batteryEther Battery Treasure

At the top of the wire it won't be long until you find the first location to put in a Battery. It'll move the propeller for you, allowing you to get across. Shortly after there is another place to put a Battery, it'll raise a railroad crossing guard for you to climb up to a new area.

There is one treasure for you to collect in this area on your way up to the Shinra Building. Shortly after you pass the area seen in my video below with the swinging wire you will be given the option to climb down a wire and back track a little bit and put in another Battery (screen shot above on the right). This will give you an Ether, however, you'll have to do the swinging wire jump twice.

If you're having trouble with the swinging wire part and making the jump, use my video below to help a bit with your timing. I don't use the sound it makes to determine when to jump, I use how close it is to me.

The next area past the swinging wire is the Shinra Building. We've made it!



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