Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough - Part 1

Town of Cornelia Ps1 Version

Welcome to Final Fantasy 1; played on Final Fantasy Origins for the Ps1. This guide is relevant for all version of Final Fantasy 1 whether it be Dawn of Souls for the GBA, the original NES version or some newer version found on iphones or whatever the new fad is.

You'll quickly notice that this guide isn't written in a way similar to the guides you see on Gamefaq or on other websites. Instead of always telling you what to do at every single moment, I am going to give the player (you) as much freedom as possible to enjoy the game. This guide's intention is to point you in the right direction but also let you enjoy the adventure.

My Team: Warrior, Thief, White Mage and Red Mage

When you first start Final Fantasy 1 you'll find yourself outside of the first town. Go inside town and buy White Magic for your White Mage and any equipment that you can afford. In order to advance the story you'll need to speak with the Guard who is blocking the exit. He'll take you to go speak with the King straight away.

Once you finish up everything you need to do in town, you'll want to grind in the area just outside of town until your team is level 3 - 4 and you have enough Gil to purchase more equipment in town. Buy what you need then head north of town to reach the Temple of Chaos.

Temple of Chaos Overworld Location

The Temple of Chaos is a rather straight forward dungeon, the boss that you need to defeat, Garland is in the center of the tower and you can almost reach him without triggering a random encounter from where you enter. In the area surrounding the central room you'll find Treasure Chests.

Temple of Chaos Treasure Chest Loot: Leather Cap, Tent and Potion

Garland is a pretty easy fight assuming that your group is at least level 2. If you're level 3 he'll be almost a complete push over.... This games difficulty is almost entirely decided by your level, moreso than other Final Fantasy titles. Once he's beaten you'll rescue the Princess and the bridge that was once destroyed north of town will be repaired.

Cross the bridge north of town and continue northwest until you find Matoya's Cave. It's on a little outcropping nearby the heavily forested area. Inside of the Treasure Chests of Matoya's Cave you'll find two Potions and an Antidote; Matoya is also here but she is having trouble seeing right now due to her Crystal Eye being stolen.

Matoyas Cave First FloorMatoyas Cave Overworld Location

After Matoya's Cave head east and you'll eventually come across the town of Pravoca. The enemies take a small jump up in level on your way to Pravoca too so be sure you're prepared with enough Potions, Sleeping Bags and Cure spells. I'd recommend grinding now until your team is at least level 4.

Inside Pravoca you'll want to hit up the armor shop, purchase Leather Gloves for everyone, Steel Plate for any Warriors your have in your group and then any Level 2 spells that you want from the Magic Shops. After you're done stocking up on armor, items and spells talk to the Pirates in the town to defeat them in battle. You'll be given the Pirate Ship as a reward.

Pravoca Town Overworld LocationPirates in Provoca

Depending on how you typically play RPGs determines what you'll want to do next. I personally stuck around Pravoca and grinded until my entire team was Level 6 and I was able to afford the Weapons, Armor and Spells that are all sold in this town. An alternative for making some Gil at this point in the game is to participate in the Puzzle Mini Game on the Ship.

To bring up the Puzzle Mini Game board the ship and hold down the Confirm Button (X) on PS1 while hitting the Cancel Button (O) on PS1. Online it says you have to hit the Cancel Button 55 times but I am betting it's more around like 20 times. Just spam the button and you'll get into the Mini Game quick enough.

Final Fantasy 1 Ingame Puzzle

Once you're ready to move onto the next town you'll want to hop aboard your Ship and sail back to the very first town, Cornelia. At Cornelia you'll want to sail directly south until you hit a land mass then turn your ship East and sail until you find a location to park it. Elfheim, the next town, is directly south of the location you park your ship.



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End of Chapter 1 Party Final Fantasy 1
My party at the end of Chapter 1.