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How to get Inquisitive Waltz - Rune Factory 2

Once you reach the second generation in Rune Factory 2 there are 2 new 'Musical Scores' that you can get for your character/monster. The first one is called Striking March and it's obtained by inspecting the bed table on the first floor of the Eagle Inn (pictured above). You'll want to inspect the bedroom on the right hand side of the first floor for this item.

After you've obtained Striking March you can head over to the Library inside of the School and get Inquisitive Waltz which is the main one you're probably here for. Inquisitive Waltz allows you to command your monster to search your surroundings and possibly find items while doing so. Some items, like Gunpowder, can only be obtained by doing this.

Inquisitive Waltz is found on the southern most bookshelf in the Library. Search the left side of the bookshelf and you'll find the book with Inquisitive Waltz inside (pictured below).



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