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Rune Factory 2 Guides and Walkthroughs

When you start the 2nd Generation you'll find yourself in control of your child inside your house. The first thing you should probably do is to grab the Rusty Tools which your dad left behind - you can find them inside of the chest that we never used on the 1st floor of the house (pictured above). Only a few Tools are here and they're now rusty, which means you can no longer charge them up.

Since we can't charge these tools up it's going to make farming significantly harder - you'll have to do every single tile one at a time which will drastically slow you down. This is one of the main reasons why you'll want to save up so much money in the first generation, it'll help ensure you have enough for this one.

You'll also be notified about the School and that you can attend it for various lessons. These lessons are actually quite useful since they'll teach you various recipes and how to use the crafting stations that we'll be building inside the School. When it comes to the 2nd generation in this game the biggest change is that you can now craft Accessories, Medicine, Food/Drinks and also upgrade your Tools.

The most important of these is upgrading tools and crafting Accessories; I would recommend you focus on upgrading tools since the rusty ones we have now are garbage. In order to upgrade any of your Tools you'll first have to talk with Byron the Mayor and purchase the Workshop upgrade for the School. The same is true for any of the other crafting stations that are available.

If you want to build Accessories, cook or create Medicine you'll have to purchase/build those crafting stations too. Usually getting all of the crafting stations built is my first priority in the 2nd generation - there are other things you can upgrade too like your Barn that I typically get around this time too.

Below is a list of the various things you can upgrade/build in the 2nd generation.

Workshop: 10,000G and 100 Wood are needed to build this. This crafting station is required to cook, forge and craft just about anything in the game. Arguably the most important thing for you to build at the start of the 2nd generation.

Barn Expansion: 5,000G and 50 Wood per upgrade; you can do a total of 6 expansions each of which will add 3 additional floors to your Barn. It can go all the way down to BF27! Once you obtain the Dragon Break Magic Book you'll also be able to open up a secret path to Palermo Shrine in the bottom of your Barn!

Dojo: 10,000G and 100 Wood to build this. You can use the Dojo to train against various enemies in the game.

Library: 10,000G and 100 Wood to build. Some Magic Books can be found in the Library and you can also play Sugoroku inside. Sugoroku is a multiplayer game.

Large Kitchen: Purchase from Yue on Mondays for 5,000G. With this expansion you will be able to cook various food inside of the Workshop. Don't purchase the Small Kitchen as that's a waste of money, make sure you buy the Large Kitchen instead from Yue!

Pharmacy: You can purchase this from Yue on Mondays for 3,000G. As the name implies, you'll be able to use this crafting station to make various Medicines.

Forge: Purchase this from Yue on Mondays for 7,000G. You'll need this crafting station to make weapons and accessories.

Visit Byron every day/few days and purchase all of the School upgrades that you can. Building a Workshop is extremely important because we have to upgrade our Tools to make them useful again. Daddy's left over money will only last you so long which means you need to be able to make money on your own.

You should also hit up Yue every week and see what she has for sale. If I am not mistaken different days of the week play a role too in the bargains that she has available. Once you've purchased the Workshop upgrade for the School you'll have to buy all of the tools and appliances for it from Yue.

This will cost a lot of money and will also take you a bit of time ingame too because you can't browse bargains from Yue every day, it takes time for her to restock. If you're ever having trouble finding Yue search the entrances to each dungeon (including Blessia Island) for her. She goes to each dungeon during different days of the week but typically she spends the most time in Trieste Forest.

Now that we are in the second generation you should keep in mind that every dungeon in this game has been massively beefed up. You should be very careful when exploring dungeons other than Trieste Forest now; in particular you'll definitely want to stay away from Padova Mountains.

While we're on the topic of dungeons it's worth bringing up that the kid is capable of going through the fences that used to block your path. Additionally, the kid can also read the statues that block your path too and tell you what they say. Each statue asks you to complete a certain task, once it's finished you'll be rewarded with a Tablet Fragment which is a Plot Item. More on these fragments and what they do later.

I recommend you stick with Trieste Forest and Blessia Island for now, explore those dungeons and beat the bosses inside of them. Once they're both finished and you've collected all of the Tablet Fragments inside these dungeons you can move on to Messhina Valley and Padova Mountains.

Since I gave you so much new information about what to do in the second generation, I feel that I should also give you a check list to make remembering what to do easier. Below you will find a list of all the things I do at the start of the second generation. It doesn't really matter which order you do everything in, so long as everything gets completed in the end.


Second Generation Checklist

1. Purchase all upgrades from Byron
2. Purchase all upgrades from Yue (Visit her every day of the week to get them all)
3. Visit the Bulletin Board and complete the quests for valuable items (like Missing Pages)
4. Go to School to learn all of the crafting recipes available
5. Eliminate all statues that block your path in the dungeons
6. Level up your character to handle the dungeons
7. Upgrade/fix Tools at the Workshop using a Forge
8. Craft Accessories and Weapons that will help you beat dungeons
9. Learn magic and use it
10. Collect Tablet Fragments from inside each of the dungeons


For those of you who need help finding people in the town to fulfill requests, I have made another list for you below. This one will tell you the locations of all the townsfolk in Alvarna and where they typically can be found throughout the day on regular days (not Holidays). Some of the villagers are in different spots during the second generation; also villagers seem to move around a lot more during this generation too.

One example of this is almost all the kids are found at School on the weekdays, Mana and Barret both visit the School to teach as well and there are other people who hang around the School that don't attend class. Aside from this, many people seem to hang out in their houses until about noon then transfer to a different area for the rest of the day.


Townspeople Locations in Alvarna (2nd Generation)

Alicia: Alicia can be found by the docks when it isn't raining just like she was during the entire first generation.

Barrett: You

Byron: Byron

Cammy: Most

Cecilia: She

Dorothy: You can find Dorothy inside of the Alvarna Clinic on sunny days

Douglas: Douglas

Egan: He is found inside of the Eagle Inn 1F much like he was during the entire first generation. On Holidays/Festivals you can find him in the eastern most portion of Alvarna by the weapon shop.

Gordon: You can find Gordon inside of the Alvarna Chapel, he's standing in the same spot he was during the entire first generation.

Herman: Herman

Jake: Jake is found inside of Tanya's Blacksmith in Alvarna - East End most sunny days. Early in the morning you can find him outside of the School sometimes as well.

Julia: She

Mana: Mana

Max: Max i

Natalie: Natalie is found inside of the clinic in Alvarna - East End; she is in the room on the right now.

Ray: You c

Rosalind: Most co

Roy: Roy is co

Tanya: Tanya is found running the Sharper Edge Blacksmith in Alvarna - East End. You can find here pretty much every single day.

Yue: Yue



While you're working on all of that stuff I recommend you take some time and experiment with the Workshop inside of the School. Raise your Cooking, Forging, Accessories and Pharmacy crafting skills because you'll need all of them to beat the game. Forging is required to make the best weapons in the game - which you'll need to beat the harder enemies and bosses.

Cooking is required to make food that heals you and also food that buffs your stats. You can get away with not raising Cooking if you're good enough to avoid getting hit... but I strongly recommend you raise Cooking anyway so that you can make useful food. Pharmacy will allow you to craft items to heal yourself and also some items you make with this crafting skill are used in Cooking.

Accessories are kind of self explanatory, you use this skill to craft accessories for your character. This is also an important one in my opinion because accessories give you the largest stat boosts in this game.


-- rare music pieces walkthrough

- Get Cure Magic Book from Alvarna Clinic Bookshelf

- Participate in the Dojo for Skills

- Complete Trial! Hornets which is Tanya's 17th Quest; it will reward you with Gorgeous Sword which is a pretty good weapon


Tip: Don't harvest crops that are fully grown and they will spawn the floating globes that replenish your RP. You can use these orbs to quickly level your tradeskills during this generation.


Happy Ring


Cursed Ring: Black Grass, Plant Stem, Poison Powder, Root, Sparkle String, Spore



Boiled Pumpkin: 30HP/2 RP and +5 to all stats; except Magic Defense which gets +2. The buff lasts for 2 hours in game.
Recipe: Simply put a Pumpkin inside of the pot. Skill Level 36

Tempura Udon: 30 HP/20 RP and +5 to all stats; except Magic Defense which gets +2. The buff lasts for 3 hours in game.
Recipe: Sour Drop, Tempura and Udon


How To Beat The Game


When you are ready to finally beat this game the first thing you have to do is prepare yourself heavily for the difficulty spikes in each of the dungeons. You should make a good weapon and two Accessories then also spend some time making decent food. For more information about all of this check the section above this one.

Once you've sufficiently prepared yourself and leveled up the first thing you will want to do is finish collecting all of the Tablet Fragments from each of the dungeons. This will involve fulfilling every Statue request and defeating the above ground boss in each of the dungeons. Every dungeon has an above ground boss and an underground boss which you will fight in the Shrine.

The above ground boss will drop a colored Tablet Fragment and the boss you fight in the Shrine will drop an Ancient Stone Tablet Fragment. You'll need to collect all of these but at the start you should focus exclusively on the colored fragments, they're the easier ones to get.

Below is a list of every statue that you can find in each of the dungeons and the request that you must complete for it.

Trieste Forest - Aegis Falls Statue: Give the statue 3 Pink Turnips.
Green Tablet Fragment

Trieste Forest - River Stream Statue: Give the statue 12 Apples.

Trieste Forest - Great Tree Statue: Defeat 4 Tricky Mushrooms in Trieste Forest - Mushroom Patch; they appear at night.

Trieste Forest - Ruins Statue: Defeat the Terror Tree boss in Trieste Forest.


Blessia Island - South Beach Statue: Give it 6 Pineapples at night time.
Blue Stone Tablet Fragment

Blessia Island - Center Statue: Answer 4 questions correctly. The answers are (A, C, C, A) A - Dance Festival, C - Onion, C - 10pm and the final question is A - Goblin Don.
Blue Stone Tablet Fragment

(South) Blessia Island - Silent Cave Statue: Defeat 3 Death Stalkers at Blessia Island - North Beach. They only appear during the night.
Blessia Island - Dense Overgrowth Statue: Defeat 3 Death Stalkers at Blessia Island - North Beach. They only appear during the night.
Blue Stone Tablet Fragment

(North) Blessia Island - Silent Cave Statue: Till all of the fields at Blessia Island - Southeast Beach.
Blue Stone Tablet Fragment

Blessia Island - Ruined Shrine Statue: Defeat Octopirate, the boss of this dungeon.
Blue Stone Tablet Fragment

Blessia Island - Cliff Top (Ruined Shrine) Statue: Give the statue 6 Moondrop Flowers and 5 Pink Cats.
Blue Stone Tablet Fragment


Messhina Valley - Ruins Statue: Defeat 3 Buffalo at Messhina Valley - Giant Boulder; they are only there during the day.

Messhina Valley - Holy Statue: Sow Crops in every field in this area and inspect the statue when they are fully grown.




Trieste Forest Terror Tree: This is an extremely easy boss fight, just get in the bosses face and spam your attacks to defeat it. Unless you're extremely low level you should have no issue eating all the attacks this boss dishes out at you. As far as attacks go he has a root attack which shoots out of the ground from under you, a regular melee attack and an attack which shoots apples down the screen. He will also turn purple and charge you during the fight as well.


Blessia Island Octopirate: He throws spike balls at you and moves forward while swinging his tentacles. The spear he is holding rarely gets used, when he does use it he'll stab in front of himself in a small radius. For me when he got to half health he started throwing out explosive barrels too, they were easy to dodge once you learn the animation. One thing to note is that you can only damage him by attacking the exposed portion of his body. Attacking his shell will do 0 damage.

When Octopirate gets low on health he will become enraged and will glow red. During this phase he will move faster and he'll use an ink move which makes black splotches appear all over the screen. They don't hit very hard but they will push you away from the boss and keep you away.