Luminary Class Unlock Quest - DQ9

Luminary Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat Moai Minstrel with Hot Lick

Reward: Luminary Vocation Unlocked

This quest is given to you by a pink haired girl in the Gleeba Dance Hall. For those unfamiliar with where the Dance Hall is, it's located in the western part of Gleeba as shown on the map above. In order to accept this quest you'll first need to have beaten the game.

For this quest you will need to do mid to high level Water and Nature grottos until you find Moai Minstrel enemies (shown in the screenshot below). If you're unfamiliar with a grotto is or how to complete them I recommend you read my Walkthrough Chapter 9 as it talks about most of the Dragon Quest 9 Post Game content there. Moai Minstrels will be found on the lower floors of the mid level grottos and on all of the floors of the higher level ones.

I'd highly recommend you level the Minstrel class on all four of your characters too prior to attempting this quest. You want to get the Hot Lick ability on as many characters as possible so that we don't spend 10+ combat rounds trying to defeat the enemy we need to defeat.

Moai MinstrelLuminary Quest Credit

Hot Lick only deals about 20 - 30 damage a hit so when you do encounter one of the Moai Minstrels you'll want to do about 250 damage to it before you start spamming Hot Lick on it. Moai Minstrels have a moderate chance of using the Kamikazee ability when they're low on health too which is why you'll want more than one character with Hot Lick.

Of course once you successfully defeat a Moai Minstrel with Hot Lick you'll get a notice of quest credit after the battle - shown in the screenshot above. Once you're done this quest return to the lady in Gleeba to turn it in and unlock your new class - a Luminary!





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