Quest #105 Challengus Maximus - Hermany

Challengus Maximus quest start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 3 Green Dragons with Double-Edged Slash while envenomated and under the effect of Double Up

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 40+ Gladiator and Side Quest #104 Complete

Reward: Gladiator's Guide; You can now also occasionally attack twice

This quest begins by speaking to Unscrupulus Maximus who is found on an island just east of the central land mass in Hermany. In order to reach this guy you'll need either your boat or the Starflight Express. If you're having trouble finding this NPC I would recommend using my Side Quest #104 page for extra guidance. To accept this quest you'll need to first complete Side Quest #104 from Unscrupulus Maximus and have someone in your party who is a Level 40+ Gladiator.

For this quest you'll need to defeat 3 Green Dragon enemies with Double-Edged Slash (Gladiator Ability) while that character is both poisoned and under the effect of Double Up, another Gladiator ability. You can find the Green Dragons in The Magmaroo. Zoom to The Magmaroo - Summit then backtrack to B5/B4 to find plenty of Green Dragons.

a green dragon

Let me be the first to tell you, if you don't already know, this quest sucks balls. The reward is phenomenal but the actual quest, big sweaty balls. If you've got a bunch of high level characters I would recommend switching your vocations and trying this quest with characters in their early teens or early twenties, depending on how good your base characters are.

Basically the hardest part of this quest is getting the Green Dragon enemies to hit you with their poison ability. A large portion of the time you spend on this quest is going to be sitting in battle defending on your whole team waiting for your character to get hit with poison.

Of course once your character does get poisoned all you have to do for quest credit is use Double Up then defeat the Green Dragon with Double-Edged Slash. To make it easier for the Green Dragon to poison you, equip a Nightmare Gown on the character you're trying to get poisoned. This is a chest piece of armor that curses the target and makes them more susceptible to status ailments.

Last piece of advice that I read, which I didn't use myself, is to use the Paladin's Forbearance ability. That apparently can increase your odds of getting poisoned as well.




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