Quest #104 Glad to be of service - Hermany

Glad to be of service quest start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 Drackals (Outside Gerzuun) while under the effects of Double Up

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 15+ Gladiator

Reward: Tactical Vest and Brawling Brynie

This quest begins by speaking to Unscrupulus Maximus who is found on an island just east of the central land mass in Hermany. For anyone who has forgotten, Hermany is located at the southeastern most end of the northeastern most island. A picture of where it is can be found on the world map below.

In order to reach this guy you'll need either your boat or the Starflight Express. To accept Unscrupulus Maximus's quest you'll need at least one person in your party who is a Level 15+ Gladiator. A side note unrelated to this quest, on this island there is also a spawn of Thunderballs - search the ground around the gravestones for them.

side quest 104 map location

For this quest what you'll have to do is venture over to the Mt Ulzuun region which is just northeast of Batsureg. Outside of the Gerzuun entrance you'll find the Drackal enemies that we need to defeat for this quest. A screen shot of what a Drackal looks like is shown below.

You'll need to use the Double Up skill which Gladiators get prior to dealing the killing blow on the Drackal in combat. All in all this quest is extremely easy and straight forward.

a drackal





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