Quest #100 Busted - Dourbridge

Busted Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Steal a Lunar Diamond from a Sorcerer

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 40+ Thief and Side Quest #099 Complete

Reward: Thief's Theory and can steal after battle as well as 10k Gold

This quest begins in the town of Dourbridge by speaking with a man inside of the bar in the south-central part of town. In order for this person to propose this quest to you, you'll first need to complete Side Quest #099 as well as have at least one person in your party who is a Level 40+ Thief vocation.

What you need to do for this quest is steal a Lunar Diamond from a Sorcerer enemy which is found Gerzuun. If you've forgotten where the Gerzuun dungeon is, Zoom over to Batsureg and head north one screen then east one screen and you'll find yourself in the Mt Ulzuun area. Gerzuun is found in the northern portion of this area.

Sorcerer enemies appear throughout all of Gerzuun but specifically we need to steal the Lunar Diamond from one of them that you encounter on B1 of the dungeon. To get to B1 of this dungeon you'll want to go down the staircase that's just a tad bit west of where enter. The Sorcerer enemy that we're looking for is shown in the screen shot below.

A Sorcerer

After successfully stealing the Lunar Diamond defeat the Sorcerer enemy for a scene then return to the pub in Dourbridge to complete the quest.




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