Quest #099 B-Coming one of the B-Team - Dourbridge

B-Coming one of the B-Team Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Steal Tycoon's Trove from a Hunter Mech in Bad Cave

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 15+ Thief

Reward: Rogue Robe, Roguess Robe and 1000G

This quest begins in the town of Dourbridge by speaking with a man inside of the bar in the south-central part of town. In order for this person to propose this quest to you, you'll need to have at least one person in your party that is Level 15+ with the Thief vocation.

For this quest what you'll have to do is Zoom over to Bloomingdale then travel to the north where you'll find the Bad Cave dungeon. Inside of this dungeon you'll want to look for the Hunter Mech enemy (screen shot below) - use the Thief's Half-Inch ability on these enemies until you successfully steal the Tycoon's Trove that you need for this quest.

A Hunter Mech





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