Quest #098 Slowly, Slowly, Critty Golem - Alltrades Abbey

Slowly Slowly Critty Golem

Quest Requirements: Defeat three Golems with regular critical hits

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 40+ Martial Artist and Side Quest #097 Complete

Reward: Martial Artist's Manual and Tension Saver Ability

This quest is given to you by an old man standing outside of the entrance to Alltrades Abbey. He's standing right next to the Martial Artist who gave the previous quest Side Quest #097, which we need to complete in order to accept this quest. You'll also need at least one person in your party who is a Level 40+ Martial Artist to accept this quest.

For this quest you'll need to fight golems (screen shot below) which can be found around Upover or around the Lonely Coast. I personally hunted them around Upover since that was the closest Zoom location! As the quest says you'll need to defeat these enemies with a regular critical hit. Abilities like Thunder Thrust and Hatchet Man won't count towards the progress for this quest.

A Golem





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