Quest #097 Cry Wolf - Alltrades Abbey

Cry Wolf Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Use War Cry on Scarewolves then defeat 5 of them

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 15+ Martial Artist

Reward: Slick Slacks

This quest begins by speaking with a man dressed like a martial artist standing outside Alltrades Abbey. In order to accept this quest from him you will need at least one person in your party who is a Level 15+ Martial Artist.

For this quest you will need to fight Scarewolf enemies around Bloomingdale (screen shot below) and use the Martial Artist Way Cry ability on them plus defeat them in the same combat turn. In order to reliably do this quest you'll need to know the order your characters attack in which is going to take you a battle or two to figure out.

A Scarewolf

Once you know the order your characters attack in you're going to want to have the first character to attack use War Cry and then have everyone follow up with a regular melee attack to take the enemy out. Agility plays a large role in who attacks first but it isn't the only indicator. My characters with the two highest agility both sometimes attacked first - even though one had 450 agility and the other 550.





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