Quest #094 Nurtural Selection - Wormwood Creek

Nurtural Selection quest start

Quest Requirements: Heal a character with HP in the red with Moreheal 20 times

Quest Pre-Requirements: Level 40+ Priest and Side Quest #093 Complete

Reward: Priest's Primer and Wave of Relief Ability

This quest begins by speaking with the old man inside the well in southern Wormwood Creek. To start this quest you will first need to complete Side Quest #093 and have at least one person in your party who is a Level 40+ Priest vocation.

For this quest you will need to use the Priest Moreheal ability on someone in your party whose HP is in the red. You can pick up this quest and complete it over time as you play the game and heal your characters or you can cheat the system and intentionally lower your HP... We're gonna cheat!

Head to literally anywhere in the game that has a damage floor - Gittingham Palace on the way down to the Oubliette dungeon is the one I chose. There are no enemies in this area so the damage floor here is perfect. Run back and forth across the floor a bunch of times until your health is really low then heal your characters for quest credit. Rinse and repeat.









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