Quest #093 Eggclesiastic - Wormwood Creek

Eggclesiastic Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defend against 30 enemy attacks outside of Wormwood Creek

Quest Pre-Requirements: Priest at Level 15+ in your party

Reward: Ascetic Robe and Priestess Pinafore

This quest begins by speaking with the old man inside the well in southern Wormwood Creek. In order for you to accept this quest from him you'll need at least one person in your party who is a Level 15 or higher Priest vocation.

For this quest all you need to do is go outside of Wormwood Creek and defend against 30 enemy attacks. You can do this on your whole party and get credit, not just the Priest. This quest has to be done outside of Wormwood Creek but on the upside it shouldn't take you very long.

Keep getting into battles with enemies until you've got 3 or 4 of them in battle against you then spend the entire fight doing nothing but defending against their attacks using 'Defend'. You'll want to make sure that the enemies you choose to battle also actually attack you with melee hits too... Some of the enemies around Wormwood Creek don't and you can't block an enemy that isn't attacking!





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