Quest #088 Buckler's Buckler - Swinedimples Academy

Bucklers Buckler Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 Killing Machines using Blockenspiel

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Skill Points into the Shield Skill Tree and Side Quest #087 Complete

Reward: Secrets of the Shield; It prevents critical attacks

This quest begins by speaking to Buckler in the central portion of the Swinedimples Academy on L1, near the entrance. He's the same person who gives the previous quest in the series, #087. In order to accept this quest you'll need to complete the previous quest as well as have 100 points into the Shield Skill Tree.

For this quest what you'll need to do is Zoom over to the Gittingham Palace and in The Gittish Empire area search for Killing Machine enemies (shown in the screen shot below). These are the enemies that you'll want to use the shield ability Blockenspiel on to defeat. Compared to most of the other weapon quests this one is a piece of cake! When you're done return to Swinedimples Academy for your reward - a book that prevents you from being able to suffer a critical strike! Awesome!

A Killing Machine




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