Quest #087 Sucking Up to Buckler - Swinedimples Academy

Sucking up to buckler start

Quest Requirements: Block 10 attacks with your shield

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Shield Skill

Reward: White Shield

This quest is found in the northern most building on L1 of the Swinedimples Academy and requires that you have 30 points in the Shield Skill to accept it. The man we're looking for is just west of where you enter the building.

For this quest what you will need to do is defend against 10 attacks in total. I don't mean by using the "Defend" skill during battle; I mean when an enemy attacks you and there's a random chance that you block, negating all of their damage. Pretty much you'll want to pick up this quest then go about your business until you've fought enough battles that it completes itself.













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