Quest #083 Beautiful Bowginnings - Swinedimples Academy

Beautiful Bowginnings Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 Peckerel enemies around Batsureg with the Flutter Disaster bow ability

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Skill Point in the Bow Skill Tree

Reward: Billowing Bow

This quest is given to you by a thug in the Swinedimples Academy L1 western most room - the one that resembles a gymnasium. In order to accept this quest you'll first need to have put at least 30 points into the Bow Skill Tree, if you have then he'll offer the quest to you when you speak with him.

For this quest you'll want to Zoom over to Batsureg where you'll want to fight the Peckerel enemies (screenshot below). Use the Flutter Disaster bow ability to defeat 10 of them then return to Archie and turn in the quest. Completion of this side quest unlocks Side Quest #084, also given by Archie.





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