Quest #076 The Talonted Trio - Swinedimples Academy

The Talonted Trio Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat Tearwolfs near Swinedimples; Claws in Oubliette B3 and King Crabs at the Four Corners of the Ocean

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Points in Claw Skill Tree; Side Quest #075 Complete

Reward: The Core of the Claw; Hand of God ability

This quest is given to you by Klaus, the same person who gave you Side Quest #075 which is required to complete to get this quest. Aside from completing Side Quest #075 you'll also need to max out your Claw Skill Tree otherwise you can't request this quest.

For this quest you'll need to defeat three different types of enemies that Klaus tells you about. Each of them are in different places and once you've defeated one of them you will want to return to Klaus so that he can tell you about the next one.

1. Tearwolf (South of Swinedimples Academy)
2. Claws (Oubliette B3 -Gittish Empire)
3. King Crab (Four corners of the ocean)

Note: Regular enemies don't count for this quest - I am actually not sure what gives credit for this quest as I was unable to complete it after grinding Tearwolves for half an hour. If you know, please leave a comment below.






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