Quest #075 Rake a Tail Feather - Swinedimples Academy

Quest 075 Rake a Tail Feather

Quest Requirements: Defeat Robo-robin enemies around Batsureg with the Can Opener ability until you've collected 10 Tinny Tail Feathers

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Claw Skill

Reward: Kestrel Claws

This quest is accepted by speaking with Klaus on the eastern side of the Swinedimples Academy L1 (shown in the screen shot above). In order to begin this quest you will have to have at least 30 Skill Points into the Claw skill tree.

For this quest you will need to Zoom over to Batsureg and hunt Robo-robin enemies around the town for Tinny Tail Feathers. They will drop even if you do not defeat the enemies with the Can Opener ability, however if you do use the Can Opened ability to dispatch them you'll have a 100% drop rate on the feathers.

A picture of the enemy that you're looking for is shown below. You'll be able to tell it's a robo-robin on the world map prior to engaging, this'll help you save some time.

a robo robin





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