Quest #074 Mr Whippy Wish - Swinedimples Academy

Mr Whippy Wish Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Talk to Bunny Girl at the Lighthouse west of Bloomingdale. Defeat Dreadful Drackal (Gittish Empire) and Drastic Drackal (Wyrmtail) with a Leather Whip

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Skill Points in the Whip Skill Tree and Side Quest #073 Complete

Reward: Working with Whips and Serpent's Bite Ability

This quest begins by speaking with Mr Whippy who is on the 1F of the Swinedimples Academy Dorm. The dorm is in the eastern portion of the Swinedimples Academy compound, we had to come here a few times for this town's story progression. In order to accept this quest from Mr Whippy you'll first need to have completed Side Quest #073 as well as have spent 100 Skill Points in the Whip Skill Tree.

For this quest the first thing you will need to do is return to the Bunny Girl who is at the Lighthouse west of Bloomingdale (location shown in the screen shot below). She'll ask you to defeat two different enemies, Dreadful Drackal (The Gittish Empire) and Drastic Drackal (Wyrmtail) for her quest.

Bloomingdale Lighthouse Map LocationCatwrights whip workshop

In order for you to get credit for this quest though, the killing blow to each of these enemies has to be a regular attack using a Leather Whip. You can purchase a Leather Whip at the Stornway weapon shop if you don't already have one.

A screen shot of both the enemies we're looking for is found below. The Gittish Empire is closest to the Gittingham Palace Zoom point and as for Wyrmtail, you'll want to either use the Starflight Express to travel southwest of Wormwood Creek or travel there on foot after zooming there.

a dreadful drackala drastic drackal





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