Quest #073 Whipping Boy's Wish - Swinedimples Academy

whipping boys wish start location

Quest Requirements: Talk to the Bunny Girl outside the Lighthouse west of Bloomingdale and bring her a Hammer Fang

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Skill Points in the Whip Skill Tree

Reward: Spiked Steel Whip

This quest begins by speaking to Toadie, a kid standing the eastern classroom on the 2F of Swinedimples Academy. In order to accept this quest from Toadie you'll need to first have at least 30 Skill Points spent in the Whip Skill Tree on any of your classes.

For this quest you'll need to first visit a Bunny Girl who is located at the lighthouse west of Bloomingdale. Zoom over to Bloomingdale, hop in your ship then travel to the island with the lighthouse. When you approach the lighthouse you'll find the Bunny Girl we're gonna want to talk to on the right.

She'll tell you that in order to make the item we need you'll first need to get her a Hammer Fang from the Power Hammer enemies near Gleeba (shown in a screen shot below). This is a special item which you can only get after you've accepted this quest.

bloomingdale lighthouse map locationcatwrights whip workshop location
a power hammer

Zoom to Gleeba, fight Power Hammers until they drop the Hammer Fang that we need then Zoom back to Bloomingdale and give it to the Bunny Girl. With all of this completed you can return to Swinedimples Academy and speak to the boy who started this quest.




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