Quest #072 Jump for Joy - Swinedimples Academy

Jump for Joy Quest start

Quest Requirements: Defeat Nemean (low level grotto boss) with a Laundry Pole equipped

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Skill Points into the Staff Skill Tree and Side Quest #071 Complete

Reward: Staff Studies and Counter Wait Ability

This quest begins by speaking with Paulo who is standing in the western hallway of the Swinedimples Academy L1. In order to accept this quest from Paulo you'll first need to complete Side Quest #071 as well as put 100 Skill Points into the Staff Skill Tree.

For this quest you will need to complete low level grottos until you come across the Nemean boss in one of them. I'd recommend that before trying to defeat him with the character equipped with a Laundry Pole that you deal at least 2500 damage to him first.









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