Quest #071 Staunch the Stench - Swinedimples Academy

Staunch the Stench start

Quest Requirements: Defeat Stenchurion enemies in the sea north of Gleeba using the Staff Deliverance ability

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Skill Points in the Staff Skill Tree

Reward: Killer Pillar

This quest begins by speaking with Paulo who is standing in the western hallway of the Swinedimples Academy L1. In order to accept this quest from Paulo you'll first need to have at least 30 Skill Points in the Staff Skill Tree on any of your classes.

For this quest what you will have to do is Zoom over to Gleeba and then hop in your boat and sail around the northern seas until you come into combat with a Stenchurion enemy. Defeat these enemies in this area with the Deliverance ability until one of them drops the mirror required for this quest.

A Stenchurion enemyMirror of Reflection Acquired
stenchurion map location



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