Quest #068 Spice up your Knife - Swinedimples Academy

Quest spice up your knife start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 10 poisoned Bad Karmours with Victimiser

Quest Pre-Requirements: 100 Skill Points into the Knife Skill Tree; Side Quest #067 Finished

Reward: Knifing Know-How; Persecutter Ability

This quest begins by speaking to Madame Couteau on the 1F of the Swinedimples Dormitory (in the eastern portion of Swinedimples Academy). In order to accept this quest you will need to complete Side Quest #067 first as well as put 100 Skill Points into the Knife Skill Tree.

For this quest you'll need to defeat Bad Karmour enemies which are found in the Oubliette dungeon (the dungeon below Gittingham Palace). If you've forgotten how to get to Oubliette I recommend you take a peak at my Walkthrough Chapter 7 for more info.

You'll find the Bad Karmour enemies that you need on L4, L5 and L6 of the Oubliette dungeon, prior to these floors they rarely (if ever) appear. A screen shot of the enemy we're looking for is shown below as well for anyone who needs it.

Bad Karmours






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