Quest #066 Operation Multithrust - Swinedimples Academy

Operation Multithrust Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 2 Gloomy Gastropogs (Gittish Empire) at the same time with Multithrust Spear Ability

Quest Pre-Requirements: Spear Skill 100 and Side Quest #065 Finished

Reward: Clear Spear Theory and Lightning Storm ability

This quest begins by speaking to Lance in the western hallway of Swinedimples Academy L1. In order to accept this quest you'll first have to have completed Side Quest #065 from Lance as well as raised your Spear Skill to 100.

For this quest you'll have to Zoom over to Gittingham Palace and in The Gittish Empire area that surrounds it battle Gloomy Gastropogs (screen shot below). When you fight two of them during the same battle you will want to use the Spear Multithrust ability and defeat two of them using just a single attack.

You're going to need quite a bit of attack power to do this so it's recommended you have a Sage or Mage in your party that can cast Oomph on your character. It's also recommended you use the highest level vocation you possibly have too.

Gloomy GastropogsGloomy Gastropog Credit





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