Quest #065 Operation Mercury - Swinedimples Academy

Operation Mercury Quest Start

Quest Requirements: Defeat 3 Metal Medleys (Bad Cave; North of Bloomingdale) with the Pressure Point Ability

Quest Pre-Requirements: 30 Points into Spear Skill Tree

Reward: Halberd

This quest begins by speaking to the man in the western hallway on L1 of the Swinedimples Academy. The building I am inside in the screen shot above is the northern most one, the academy. In order to accept this quest you'll need to have someone in your party with at least 30 points into the Spear Skill Tree.

A metal Medley

For this quest you need to Zoom over to Bloomingdale and travel north to The Bad Cave. Of course, you'll also need someone in your party that knows the Pressure Pointer ability and has a Spear equipped as well. You're looking for the enemy shown in the screen shot above, basically three metal slimes stacked ontop of each other.

Defeat three of these with the Pressure Pointer Spear ability then return to Lance in Swinedimples Academy on L1.




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