Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough - Chapter 9 (Post Game Content)

Azimuth Hole to Dungeon

As with most of the games in the Dragon Quest series - there's plenty of post game content for you to complete. When you load your save file that you beat the game with you'll find yourself in Endor's Church and I would argue that the first thing you should do is complete the Hank Hoffman Jr's Town Sidequest.

This sidequest will open up the final Casino which has some very nice rewards that you'll want to get your hands on. Liquid Metal Helm is the best in slot helmet for many characters and you can also get a Gospel Ring, which prevents all random encounters. Both of these are extremely expensive items but there are easier ways to get them than grinding for days.

Emulator players just use some cheats. Seriously, just cheat instead of spending literally days grinding, you'll probably be bored of the game by then! Those of you playing this on a phone or something like the PSN/Steam, save your game then do high risk gambles at the Casino and load your file if you fail. At least it'll only take a couple of hours doing this.

Gospel Ring

When you're ready to proceed with what's left of the story, Zoom over to the town of Azimuth. It's one of the final towns we visited in the game, right before Zenithia. In the northern portion of this town you will find a hole that leads to the next dungeon.

I'm not sure if any of this is required, but to find out about this dungeon you'd first want to go to the town of Rosehill and speak with the residents. They tell you that Psaro came back here and buried Rose not to long ago as well as that most of their citizens migrated to Yggdrasil recently.

Over in Yggdrasil talking to the elves will get you information about the Yggdrasil Flower which blooms once every thousand years - and guess what year it is? She'll also tell you that you should look for a place in the world that has "changed" - but she keeps it vague. This is the so-called clue that leads you to Azimuth... Be thankful you have a guide!

The dungeon itself actually isn't that difficult - to make it even easier half way through it you'll find an Inn inside one of the giant houses (screen shot below). You can grind around this Inn if you find your characters under leveled and struggling or just use it as a midway point while clearing to the boss at the bottom. Prior to the Inn, the whole dungeon is straight forward and you shouldn't need much of a walkthrough on it.

Note: If you made it to the room with the Inn without doing the room with the rafts in it, the next time you're clearing down this dungeon go right on the second floor. There's two treasure chests in the raft room you missed.

Inn Inside the Dungeon

When you're almost at the bottom floor of the dungeon you will come across a room with a punch of pillars, a chest in the middle and some oddly placed water, shown in my screen shot below. Sorry to burst your bubble right away but the chest is a Pandora's Box. As for the water, well that's actually an invisible pathway of sorts that you can walk across, like you see in my screen shot.

In the southern part of this room you'll notice that the water runs into the wall, you can "step onto" it from there and then walk across it to each pillar. You're only in danger of falling off when you turn on top of a pillar, when you're standing above the water an invisible wall prevents you from falling.

Following the water successfully from one end of the room to the other will put you near a chest that has a Robe of Serenity in it. That's all we did the puzzle for. When you're ready to proceed, head out of the northern door.

Invisible Pathway Above Water

On the same floor as the water walkway puzzle we just did you'll find a Church in the outside area where you can save your game and do other Church things. This is also a Zoom location which will take you straight back to this area in the dungeon. Additionally, you can Zoom out on this floor too so if you need anything now is a great time to get it.

In the semi-village of monsters take the central staircase behind the jail doors to proceed forward through the dungeon.

Then, on the final floor of the dungeon you'll find a butt load of chickens around as well as eggs and two people arguing (screen shot below). The two people arguing are actually going to be the boss fight of this dungeon, and they're pretty tough! One thing you may have noticed is on this floor of the dungeon our carriage is back! So be sure you cycle your party members throughout the whole fight to make things easier.

Floor with Chickens and Eggs

I was level 43 on my Hero at the time I challenged them and I probably would not have won the battle if I did not have the carriage. My strategy was simple, I used primarily Hero, Torneko and Ragnar and the third slot I constantly rotated the character keeping Kabuff and Insulate on my group as well as Oomph on my attackers. Any time I needed heals I use Omniheal on the Hero.

When the battle is done the two people will make a Yggdrasil Flower appear ontop of Yggdrasil - so you know where our next stop is now. Hop into the pool of lava looking thing to be teleported outside the dungeon then Zoom over to Rosehill.

From Rosehill fly the hot air balloon south to the Yggdrasil Tree then go up into the tree and grab the flower. It's on the top floor and you can't miss it - a screen shot of what it looks like is below.

Yggdrasil Flower

Return to Rosehill and go to Rose's grave (the same place the Yeti is) and use the Yggdrasil Flower to resurrect her. She'll thank you and tell you that you need to take her to see Psaro - who is in the same location we fought him before. Zoom over to Heaven's Haven and head north to the castle.

Make your way back through the castle and to where Psaro stands. Speak to him and Rose will come forward, asking Psaro to change his evil ways. Psaro agrees with Rose and even joins your party immediately following. He starts at level 35 with some halfway decent gear and a handful of really overpowered spells.

Psaro Attributes

Psaro replaced my old healer since he has both Multiheal and Fullheal, with him and the Hero I no longer had to run with an actual healer. That made my final team combo, Hero, Psaro, Ragnar and Alena. There is only a single boss fight left in the game for us, Aamon who is found in the Diabolic Hall, the first place we saw Psaro earlier in the game.

Zoom over to the Diabolic Hall and head inside, on the third floor is where you will find Aamon.

Aamon Boss Fight