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Quest 64 Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains the Action Replay codes that I have for Quest 64 (USA), a game for the Nintendo 64. If you are playing on a physical N64 console then you will need to purchase a physical Action Replay device to use the codes you find on this page and website. From what I have read and seen both of these cheat devices have cross compatibility.

For those of you out there using an Emulator such as Project 64, you can typically add cheats by clicking on a tab at the top of your Emulator that will lead you to a section where you can add codes. Anyone who is using the Project 64 Emulator should check out my How to Setup Codes on Project 64 Guide for more information on how to get cheats working.

If you don't see the cheats you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Quest 64 Guides and Walkthroughs page and choose a different section.


Circle Element Modifier Codes

Enemy Codes

Starting Stats Modifier Codes


Infinite All Four Gems: 8101ED2C A25B

Magic Doesn't Decrease: 810072EC 2400

One Hit Kills: 8100AF7C 2400

100% Circle Element: 8007BA92 0001

Don't Take Any Damage: 81006E30 2400

Earn Spirits Faster: 8007BAB5 0000

Get Random Items After Battle: 8107BAAF 01F4

Have 50 Earth Gems: 8107BAA5 3232

Have 50 Fire Gems: 8107BAA4 3232

Have 50 Water Gems: 8107BAA6 3232

Have 50 Wind Gems: 8107BAA7 3232

Max Agi EXP%: 8107BAAE FFFF

Max Def EXP%: 8107BAAC FFFF

Max HP EXP%: 8107BAA8 FFFF

Max Mp EXP%: 8107BAAA FFFF

Lock Magic Spells: 8007BBD5 0003

Cheat Device Button For Free Element Menu: 8907BA92 0101

Huge Fighting Arena During Battle: 8107BBC8 4000
Activate this code during battle

Icon Modifier: 8007BB4A 00??
This changes the icons above your head

No Clipping, Walk Through Walls: 8107BAA0 01F4

No Sound: 80036F69 0000


No Random Battles

8108C574 0000
8108C576 0000


Extra Spirits (Load a game or Start a new one)
This code will pop up the menu where you select where you want the spirits to go on the right

8007BA90 FFFF
8007BA92 FFFF


Make Hp/Mp 500/500

8107BAA8 3232
8107BAAA 3232


Unlock Magic Spells

8007BBDD 0003
8007BBD5 0000


Move Faster

D007BAE4 003F
8107BAE4 4030
D007BAE4 00BF
8107BAE4 C030
D007BAE4 00BD
8107BAE4 BEC0
D007BAE4 003D
8107BAE4 3EC0


(Player 1) Size Modifier
Default values are 3E6F (Line 1) and 5C29 for (Line 2)

8107BAF0 ????
8107BAF2 ????