Jet Force Gemini Gameshark Codes

This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Jet Force Gemini. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Player 1 Multiplayer Deathmatch Codes

Player 2 Multiplayer Deathmatch Codes

Player 3 Multiplayer Deathmatch Codes

Player 4 Multiplayer Deathmatch Codes



Unlimited Health: 801E61E2 0040

Max Health: 801E61E5 000C

Unlimited Continues: 800A3281 0002

Unlimited Pistol Ammo: 811E61F6 03E7

Mas Pistol Ammo: 811E6216 03E7

Unlimited Homing Missile Ammo: 811E61F8 03E7

Max Homing Missile Ammo: 811E6218 03E7

Unlimited Machine Gun Ammo: 811E61FA 03E7

Max Machine Gun Ammo: 811E621A 03E7

Unlimited Plasma Shotgun Ammo: 811E61FC 03E7

Max Plasma Shotgun Ammo: 811E621C 03E7

Unlimited Shocker Ammo: 811E61FE 03E7

Max Shocker Ammo: 811E621E 03E7

Unlimited Tri-Rocket Launcher Ammo: 811E6200 03E7

Max Tri-Rocket Launcher Ammo: 811E6220 03E7

Unlimited Flamethrower Ammo: 811E6202 03E7

Max Flamethrower Ammo: 811E6222 03E7

Unlimited Sniper Rifle Ammo: 811E6204 03E7

Max Sniper Rifle Ammo: 811E6224 03E7

Unlimited Grenade Ammo: 811E6206 03E7

Max Grenade Ammo: 811E6226 03E7

Unlimited Shuriken Ammo: 811E6208 03E7

Max Shuriken Ammo: 811E6228 03E7

Unlimited Fish Food Ammo: 811E620A 03E7

Max Fish Food Ammo: 811E622A 03E7

Unlimited Timed Mine Ammo: 811E620C 03E7

Max Timed Mine Ammo: 811E622C 03E7

Unlimited Remote Mine Ammo: 811E620E 03E7

Max Remote Mine Ammo: 811E622E 03E7

Unlimited Flare Ammo: 811E6210 03E7

Max Flare Ammo: 811E6230 03E7

Unlimited Cluster Bomb Ammo: 811E6212 03E7

Max Cluster Bomb Ammo: 811E6232 03E7

99 Mizar Tokens: 811E61F4 0063

99 Ant Heads: 811E61EA 0063

99 White Heads: 811E61E8 0063