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Fox Sports College Hoops '99 Gameshark Codes (USA)

This page contains the Gameshark codes that I have for Fox Sports College Hoops '99, a game for the Nintendo 64. If you are playing on a physical N64 console then you will need to purchase a physical Gameshark or Xploder device to use the codes you find on this page and website. From what I have read and seen both of these cheat devices have cross compatibility.

For those of you out there using an Emulator such as Project 64, you can typically add cheats by clicking on a tab at the top of your Emulator that will lead you to a section where you can add codes. Anyone who is using the Project 64 Emulator should check out my How to Setup Codes on Project 64 Guide for more information on how to get cheats working.

If you don't see the cheats you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Fox Sports College Hoops '99 Guides and Walkthroughs page and choose a different section.


Activator 1 P1: D012FC14 00??

Activator 2 P1: D012FC15 00??

Dual Activator P1: D112FC14 ????

Home Team Score Modifier: 8012A4D2 00??

Away Team Score Modifier: 8012A4EA 00??

Infinite Time Outs Home: 8012A4D4 0006

Infinite Time Outs Away: 8012A4EC 0006

No Time Outs Home: 8012A4D4 0000

No Time Outs Away: 8012A4EC 0000

Infinite Shot Clock: 8112A4BC 4210

GS Button For 1-Second Shot Clock: 8912A4BC 3FC0

Big Head Mode: 81098E88 0100

Partially Invisible Players: 81098E84 0100

Shot Clock Disabled: 8109707C 0000

Trail Follows The Ball: 810B4600 4100

Programmer's Team: 81097088 0100

Z-Axis Stadium: 80098E98 0088

Final Four Stadium: 80098E98 0089

No Fans In Crowd: 810CA520 0454

Crowd Volume Modifier (00-09): 80095897 00??

Sound FX Volume Modifier (00-09): 800958C3 00??

Music Volume Modifier (00-09): 800958EF 00??

Voice Volume Modifier (00-09): 8009591B 00??