Earthworm Jim 3D Gameshark Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Earthworm Jim 3D. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Main Stats Codes

Level Completion Codes


Unlimited Health: 810C690E 0064

Unlimited Lives: 810C6912 0003

Unlimited Ammo for Blaster: 810C6916 03E7

Max Green Marbles: 810E9FF2 0064

Unlimited Ammo for Rocket Launcher: 810C6946 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Banana Peel Bomb: 810C6976 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Laser: 810C698E 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Green Slimer: 810C69A6 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Chickens: 810C69BE 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Shotgun: 810C69EE 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Music Gun: 810C6A06 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Boomerang Knives: 810C6A1E 03E7

Unlimited Ammo for Mushrooms: 810C6A36 03E7

The Brain All Gold Udders: 800C61F6 0001

Boogie Nights All Gold Udders: 800C61F7 0007

Coop D-Etat All Gold Udders: 800C61F8 0003

Barn To Be Wild All Gold Udders: 800C61F9 0007

Psycrow 100 Blue Marbles: 80218AAC 0064

Psycrow Unlimited Bullets: 80218AAE 0001

Psycrow All Gold Udders: 800C61FA 0005

Happiness Hub All Gold Udders: 800C61FB 0007

Lord of the Fries All Gold Udders: 800C61FC 0007

Hungry Tonight? All Gold Udders: 800C61FD 0007

Fatty Roswell 100 Blue Marbles: 80219064 0064

Fatty Roswell Unlimited Bullets: 80219066 0001

Fatty Roswell All Gold Udders: 800C61FE 0007

Fear Hub All Gold Udders: 800C61FF 0007

Mansion Lobby All Gold Udders: 800C6200 0007

Poultrygeist All Gold Udders: 800C6201 0007

Poultrygeist Too All Gold Udders: 800C6202 0007

Poultrygeist Too (2) All Gold Udders: 800C6203 0007

Boogie Nights All Gold Udders: 800C620C 0007

Fantasy Hub All Gold Udders: 800C61FB 0007

Violent Death Valley All Gold Udders: 800C6206 0007

Good, Bad, Eldery All Gold Udders: 800C6208 0007

Bob and No. 4 100 Blue Marbles: 80216D8C 0064

Bob and No. 4 Unlimited Bullets: 80216D8E 0001

Bob and No. 4 All Gold Udders: 800C6209 0007

Final Boss All Gold Udders: 800C620A 0007


Have All Golden Udders

50002802 0000
810C625A 0101


Choose Your Weapon Code
For Blaster L + Up
For Rocket Launcher L + Right
For Banana Peel Bombs L + Down
For Laser L + Left
For Green Slimer R + Up
For Chickens R + Right
For Shotgun R + Down
For Music Gun R + Left
For Boomerang Knife L + R + Up
For Mushrooms L + R + Down

D10D4134 0820
810C6A8E 0000
D10D4134 0120
810C6A8E 0002
D10D4134 0420
810C6A8E 0004
D10D4134 0220
810C6A8E 0005
D10D4134 0810
810C6A8E 0006
D10D4134 0110
810C6A8E 0007
D10D4134 0410
810C6A8E 0009
D10D4134 0210
810C6A8E 000A
D10D4134 0830
810C6A8E 000B
D10D4134 0430
810C6A8E 000C