Donkey Kong 64 Gameshark Codes

This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Donkey Kong 64. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Kong Codes


Donkey Kong 64 Master Code

F1000204 27BD
F1000206 FFE4
F1000208 AFA8
F100020A 0014
F100020C AFA9
F100020E 0018
F1000210 3C1A
F1000212 A05F
F1000214 375A
F1000216 AE00
F1000218 3C08
F100021A A07C
F100021C 3508
F100021E 5C00
F1000220 241B
F1000222 0040
F1000224 8D09
F1000226 0000
F1000228 237B
F100022A FFFF
F100022C AF49
F100022E 0000
F1000230 2108
F1000232 0004
F1000234 1F60
F1000236 FFFB
F1000238 235A
F100023A 0004
F100023C 8FA9
F100023E 0018
F1000240 8FA8
F1000242 0014
F1000244 27BD
F1000246 001C
F1000248 3C1A
F100024A A05F
F100024C 375A
F100024E AE00
F1000250 0340
F1000252 0008
F1000254 2400
81000204 3C1A
81000206 A05F
81000208 375A
8100020A AE00
8100020C 0340
8100020E 0008
81000210 2400


Unlimited Health: 817FCC4C 041F

Unlimited Oranges (Donkey Kong): 807FCC41 0096

Unlimited Ammo (Donkey Kong): 807FCC45 0096

Unlimited Film Rolls (All Kongs): 807FCC49 0096

Light Up Some Hidden Areas (Blue Light): 8065CC75 0001

Light Up Some Hidden Areas (Red Light): 8065CC79 0001

Light Up Some Hidden Areas (Green Light): 8065CC7D 0001

Flasher Kong: 80722C5B 0001

Light Kong: 80722D99 0001

Slightly Longer Kong: 80722DBD 0001

Tan Kong: 80722CF1 0005

Slightly Tanned Kong: 80722D5D 0001

Slightly Neon Kong: 80722D85 0001

All Structure Props Are Invisible: 80652629 0001

Kong Can't Sink In Water: 806EC437 0001

Always Moonwalk/Strafe: 806E061D 0001

Shallow Surfer Kong: 806F151D 0001

More Gravity but Slower Falls: 807535E9 0001

High Gravity; But None While Falling: 807535E8 0021

More Gravity While Falling: 807535E8 00FB

All Barrels & Cannons Off: 806D10FD 0001

Kong Can Crush Rocks: 806CA6B5 0001

Quick Camera Snap: 806CB8CD 0001

Some Objects Spin Faster: 806CC29D 0001

Increase Gamma: 8065CB91 0001

Decrease Gamma: 8065CB89 0001

Kong Can't Climb: 806CA941 0001



No Collisions

8066D226 0001
8066D321 0001


Pop-up DK Initials Turned Off

80704095 0001
80704099 0001