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Clayfighter 63 1/3: Sculptor's Cut Gameshark Codes (USA)

This page contains the Gameshark codes that I have for Clayfighter 63 1/3: Sculptor's Cut, a game for the Nintendo 64. If you are playing on a physical N64 console then you will need to purchase a physical Gameshark or Xploder device to use the codes you find on this page and website. From what I have read and seen both of these cheat devices have cross compatibility.

For those of you out there using an Emulator such as Project 64, you can typically add cheats by clicking on a tab at the top of your Emulator that will lead you to a section where you can add codes. Anyone who is using the Project 64 Emulator should check out my How to Setup Codes on Project 64 Guide for more information on how to get cheats working.

If you don't see the cheats you're looking for on this page I recommend you return to my Clayfighter 63 1/3: Sculptor's Cut Guides and Walkthroughs page and choose a different section.


Stage Specific Codes
- Aquadome
- Backwash Bay
- Boogerhenge and Tureen Toilet
- Candy Factory
- Clayribbean Cruise
- Dog House
- Dr Kiln's Laboratory, Research Room, Kiln's Hideout and Fiery Furnace
- Freezing Fortress
- Ghastly Graveyard
- Kooky Courtyard
- Rubbage Reef
- Santa's Toy Factory
- Santa's Workshop, Refuse Room and Grotto Gulch
- Spooky Spire, Happy Harry's Hut and Mudville Mansion
- Tribal Tower

VS Mode Codes All Stages


Activator 1 P1: D00F2D94 00??

Activator 2 P1: D00F2D95 00??

Dual Activator P1: D10F2D94 ????

Have High Five: 810AA0BE 0001

Have Earth Worm Jim: 810AA0E2 0001

Have Sumo Santa: 810AA106 0001

Have Booger Man: 810AA12A 0001

Debug Mode: 810AA1A6 0001
Press C-Up and C-Down to choose stage

(Difficulty Modifier) Set to Cookie: 810AE40A 0000

(Difficulty Modifier) Set to Easy: 810AE40A 0001

(Difficulty Modifier) Set to Normal: 810AE40A 0002

(Difficulty Modifier) Set to Dude: 810AE40A 0003

(Difficulty Modifier) Set to Psycho: 810AE40A 0004

Time Limit Modifier: 800AE423 00??

Throws & Holds Modifier: 800AE42F 00??

(VS. Arena Select Modifier) Random Choice: 800AE43B 0000

(VS. Arena Select Modifier) Normal Setting: 800AE43B 0001

(Spillits Modifier) Normal: 800AE447 0000

(Spillits Modifier) Psycho: 800AE447 0001

Music Modifier (00-59): 810AE402 00??

SFX Modifier (00-59): 810AE406 00??

Health Meters Modifier: 800AE5EF 00??

Stun Meters Modifier: 800AE5FB 00??

Super Meters Modifier: 800AE607 00??

Portraits Modifier: 800AE613 00??