Bomberman 64 Gameshark Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Bomberman 64. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Costume Item Modifier Codes

Have Level Completed Codes


Unlimited Lives: 802AC627 0063

Unlimited Gems: 802AC62F 0063

Unlimited Credits: 802AC62B 0009

Unlimited Time: 802AC643 0001

Return to Game & Exit Prompt While Paused: 802AC75F 0003
Enables this feature.

Always Have Pumped Up Red Remote Bombs: 802AC653 0004

Main Timer Stopped: 802AC648 00AA

No Light: 802AC62C 0010

No Items: 802AC620 00FF

Mighty Bomberman: 802AC652 00FF

Teleport to Last Stage After Using All Continues: 802AC61B 0003

Green Garden-1 Waterfall Passable: 800AC605 0063

Find Gold Card Against Sub-bosses: A02AC623 000F

Have Extra Battle Stages: 812AC656 0001

(Player 1) Invulnerability & Can't Move: 800AEE14 0002

(Player 1) Unlimited Energy: 800AEE07 0002

(Player 2) Unlimited Energy: 800AEECF 0002

(Player 3) Unlimited Energy: 800AEF97 0002

(Player 4) Unlimited Energy: 800AF05F 0002

(Player 1) Can Never Pick Up Extra Hearts: 800AEE07 0001

(Player 2) Can Never Pick Up Extra Hearts: 800AEECF 0001

(Player 3) Can Never Pick Up Extra Hearts: 800AEF97 0001

(Player 4) Can Never Pick Up Extra Hearts: 800AF05F 0001

(Player 1) Maximum Bomb to Layouts: 800AEE0F 00FF

(Player 2) Maximum Bomb to Layouts: 800AEED7 00FF

(Player 3) Maximum Bomb to Layouts: 800AEF9F 00FF

(Player 4) Maximum Bomb to Layouts: 800AF067 00FF

(Player 1) Maximum Bomb Blowup Area: 800AEE13 00FF

(Player 2) Maximum Bomb Blowup Area: 800AEEDB 00FF

(Player 3) Maximum Bomb Blowup Area: 800AEFA3 00FF

(Player 4) Maximum Bomb Blowup Area: 800AF06B 00FF

(Player 1) Bombs do no Damage: 800AEE13 0000

(Player 2) Bombs do no Damage: 800AEEDB 0000

(Player 3) Bombs do no Damage: 800AEFA3 0000

(Player 4) Bombs do no Damage: 800AF06B 0000

(Player 1) Can Lay Out Bombs While Dead: 800AEE5A 0000

(Player 2) Can Lay Out Bombs While Dead: 800AEF22 0000

(Player 3) Can Lay Out Bombs While Dead: 800AEFEA 0000

(Player 4) Can Lay Out Bombs While Dead: 800AF0B2 0000

(Player 1) Can't Lay Out Bombs: 800AEE5A 0002

(Player 2) Can't Lay Out Bombs: 800AEF22 0002

(Player 3) Can't Lay Out Bombs: 800AEFEA 0002

(Player 4) Can't Lay Out Bombs: 800AF0B2 0002



Have All Gold Cards Combined

8008E575 00FF
8108E576 FFFF
8108E578 FFFF
8108E57A FFFF
8108E57C FFFF
8108E57E FFFF
8108E580 FFFF
8108E582 FFFF
8008E584 00FF









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