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This is the list of all Miscellaneous Items in the game Fire Emblem. On this page you'll find all miscellaneous items of the game also, the stats of each item are included in these list. If you're looking for Accessories, Equipment or Items then just follow one of the link below to their pages.


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Torch: Increases vision in fog war, unused in Shadow Dragon.

Drained Tome: A broken tome waiting for repair, appears in Genealogy of the Holy War but defined as the original tome types.

Broken Staff: A broken staff waiting for repair, appears in Genealogy of the Holy War but defined as a staff.

Mine: Deals 10 damage to any unit that sets foot onto the space set on. Unused and without functionality in Radiant Dawn under the name Frey Bomb.

Shine Barrier: Temporarily prevents traversing the space set on.

Juna Fruit: Permanently lowers the user's level.

Laguz Stone: Maximizes a laguz's transformation gauge.

Arms Scroll: Increases the weapon level of specific weapon types.

Olivia Grass: Increases a laguz's transformation gauge.

Laguz Gem: Transforms a laguz for an entire chapter without affecting stats.

Bond Drop: Increases support bonuses and unlocks conversations.

Seed of Trust: Improves support relationship when paired up.

Reeking Box: Summons Risen to the world map.

Rift Door: Summons a merchant to the world map.

Eternal Seal: Increases the maximum level of an advanced class unit.

Obstacle: Prevents traversing the space set on.

First Blood: Gives its user access to Dragon Vein.

Outrealm Item: The placeholder for DLC items when the corresponding DLC is not accessible on the system.

Handmade Doll: No effect.

Gossamer Hair: No effect.

Lima Armlet: No effect.

A Son's Journal: No effect.

Bear Carving: No effect.

Black Pearl: No effect in base game; combines with astral shards to form Star Jacinth in Downloadable content in Fire Emblem Echoes. Stat booster in Three Houses.

Gargoyle Ear: No effect.

Bonewalker Oil: No effect.

Mila's Turnwheel: Enables rewinding battle progress, among other effects.

Cog: Enables Mila's Turnwheel one additional rewind of battle progress.

Memory Prism: Enables viewing of special conversations.


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